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COBB Tuning 6 days ago

Big power no longer requires a sacrifice in drive-ability for your GT-R. COBB Staged Injection provides the use of 12 injectors of any size and allows for multiple fuels to accomplish a wide range of goals.Check us out at:

COBB Tuning 10 days ago

Here it is, the icing on the cake! Now that we have covered all of the basics of modifying a turbocharged car, we are going to walk the walk. In the Series Finale of COBB U we take a 2012 STI from zero to hero, giving you a front-row seat while transforming the car from stock to our Stage 3 Power Package + Flex Fuel.

COBB Tuning 46 days ago

Looking for an effective solution to eliminate inconsistent power delivery from your Subaru? Look no further than the COBB Tuning Front Mount Intercooler Kit. Factory top mount intercoolers can easily be over worked and overheated due size and location. Thus, intake air temperatures rise causing a loss in power. Replace your factory intercooler with the COBB Tuning Front Mount Intercooler to ensure that your engine is receiving the coolest possible air and giving you more power!

COBB Tuning 54 days ago

One of the first PDK Custom Features for our ever-expanding Porsche platform.Check us out at:

COBB Tuning 67 days ago

Not all dynamometers are created equal. This Episode of COBB U should clear up any confusion related to interpreting dyno results, understanding percentage gains, and how to compare data across differing dynos.Check us out at:

COBB Tuning 68 days ago

Our Porsche R&D Team has been on the dyno testing new features for the Macan S, GTS, and Turbo models! Check us out at:

COBB Tuning 68 days ago

This is a quick tutorial displaying how to utilize Launch Control, Burnout Mode, and Flat Foot Shifting on your COBB Accessport Tuned VW Mk6 GTI!Check us out at:

COBB Tuning 206 days ago

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COBB Tuning 206 days ago

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COBB Tuning is a performance automotive engineering business, headquartered in Austin, TX. COBB specializes in providing full tuning solutions for small displacement, turbocharged vehicles. With 90 employees across 4 locations (Austin, Dallas, SoCal and Portland) - we are one of the largest performance automotive businesses in the U.S. COBB currently offers products for Subaru, BMW, Mazda, Mitsubishi, Ford, Nissan, and Porsche turbo vehicles.
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