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Looking for advice on horse power gains for my 2017 camaro 2.0T. #advice #camaro #carporn #rs

[]Sebastian Nounou

They want to breathe, but you need to be very careful because these cars are direct injection. Any modifications to the intake air stream or the exhaust before the catalyst and you're going to need a tune before you drive the car. A reflash from a handheld tuning device is only enough to get you to a dyno and an actual tuner. Direct injection engines are extremely picky.

FIrst things first decide how far you want to go with it. Pick a goal with a budget in mind. No matter what you're going to need basics like intake, exhaust, intercooler, piping and a legit dyno tune. Just getting bolt ons you're going to be maxed out after intake, exhaust, intercooler, and upping the boost. I would suggest getting it tuned after those mods and leaving it alone. That's your best chance at making the car somewhat reliable.

[]Wilson Oberholzer

As with any turbo car the best gains generally come from a full exhaust (faster spooling up, longer spooling down), intercooler (keeps the intake air cooler), and a good tune (to get the most out of the extra air flow). Anything more than that and you're looking at big expenses and lots of work (next step i would take is upgrading the turbo)

[]Hayden Baker

The smoking tire did an episode with one of these and he had done some power mods. Would be a good place for a review. A tune, downpipe, and intercooler would be a great place to start for any turbo charged car.

[]Codie Moeck

Sounds good. Any idea on what tune was used ?

[]Sebastian Nounou

Don't use off the shelf tunes for anything more than getting you to a dyno and tuner.

[]Hayden Baker

I can't check the video right now. Search "2016 Camaro 2.0T One Take"