Horsepower (Stock)
295 HP
Torque (Stock)
378 NM
Engine Capacity
2,492 CC
r154 (5MT)
Curb Weight
1540/3400 KG/LB
Drive Type
Rear-Wheel Drive
Horsepower (Current)
290 RWHP

[Australia] R154 Factory Manual JZZ30 with optioned A02B Torsen Diff. After owning a 91 V8 UZZ31 and eventually selling it to move onto a WRX, I got the itch to move back to a Soarer. Luckily around the same time a good looking factory manual JZZ30 came up for sale in my area and I quickly jumped in and saw it in person. This was pretty much everything I was after and is 100% one of the best engine and gearbox couplings of the 90's. [Updated 19/07] This is currently my daily driver and I've been working on bringing it into the modern age with performance and reliability modifications. Previously I was aiming to hit 250RWKW (330RWHP), but goals have since changed and I will be aiming for 300RWKW (400RWHP). The car is currently sitting comfortably on 220RWKW (290RWHP) on the stock turbo @ 13.7 PSI, with a Haltech ELITE 2000 ECU, once the new turbo has been made and fitted I will be aiming for my above goal.

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