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49 years young. Work in the aerospace industry.

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Corey Crow24 days ago

Put on a new hood decal..........🤫 I’ll post a pic if this video doesn’t play.

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Corey Crow413 days ago

Wanted to show off my wheelwell decals that I was lucky to win a month or so ago. Finally took some pics. Thanks Wheelwell 😃


[]Ernie Szots

Looks good there.

[]350Z 247

I like it!

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Corey Crow507 days ago

Have been methodically, piece by piece, doing a Darth Vader theme mod to my 2015 Chevy Sonic RS. It’s been a never ending work in process. Vader geek I am. 2 years and counting. Too many awesome decals/badges/retro items to choose from. Many more pics to checkout in my garage. Let me know what you all think.