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Wondering if wrapping my cold air intake with GOOD gold heat shield tape will actually help keep ai

[]Sebastian Nounou

It has to be used appropriately to be effective. Think about it, if you're sucking air from a snorkel, and you insulate the crap out of the snorkel but the tip is pointing at a blazing fire..... it doesn't matter about the thermal properties if your intake tube anymore.

Gold heat reflective tape does work when used properly. Isolate the intake tube from heat sources and direct the inlet to fresh air.

I think someone already said this isn't going to do magic. It's designed to combat an already existing thermal issue. If you experience no such issue, you can expect to see no gain from doing it.

Make sense?

[]Maggie Johnson

It probably won’t do much because the temp has to due with the intake itself the more flow and suction it gets the more consistent it will be

[]Sebastian Nounou

Absolutely not. Gold reflective tape makes a significant difference, and it's used all over the place on race cars.

[]Brady Leighton

It didn't work out to look that good in tavarish's case in his lamb. Have a look at his channel and you will see what i mean. He was doing an air to water intercooler though

[]Hayden Baker

It won't get your more power but it should prevent you from losing power as the pipe heats up. Quality wrap will reflect heat but it can only hold off the heat for so long before it becomes heat soaked. It would be great for a time attack car or sprint race car.

[]Robert Sixto

It's tough for me to give definitive results, but I've wrapped my cold air intake pipe with the silver foil looking insulator, and I've wrapped the intercoolers end tanks on both cars with the gold stuff. I believe it must make some difference, but it's not magical by any means. Both my cars have top mount intercoolers, and when they heat soak, no amount of special tape is likely to help. My guess is, it may give a slight improvement in how quickly things heat up, as the material itself does seem to deflect some heat. I wish I had actually logged temps before and after, but unfortunately I don't have any hard data to give.

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[]Tom Armstrong

This I'm not sure of. I've seen the tests on black intakes and intercoolers that show results, but never on the gold tape.

Can you monitor your intake temps for a before and after comparison?

[]Cory Ivins

I can with my OBD adapter, but was hoping someone here had some data to share before buying a bunch of the stuff.

[]Tom Armstrong

I looked online, but the only tests have been done by companies selling the stuff....not completely accurate

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[]Wilson Oberholzer

I would think that it would provide at least some benefit in terms of heat transfer. I've seen a few people do it to the boost lines on cars with turbos fitted but I haven't seen any hard data to show if it actually improves temps or not. I'd think that a bigger intercooler would probably do more for your temps than the tape would but it would come at a significant price difference.