195@5,300 RPM
219@4100 RPM
Curb Weight
2715 LB
Auto trans
Engine Size
2.3 140 C.I
Transmission Type
A4LD/5R55 Hybrid
MPG (City/Highway)
24 MPG
Total cost

Not everyone likes Fox Mustangs and I get it, seems like everyone and their brother has one and they've been done to death. It's an antiquated design from the late 70's and it has the sophistication of a stone ax. The suspension is terrible and the body makes all kinds of noises when you drive down the road. The stock engines are heavy, old and pretty inefficient by today's standards. So it begs the question of why anyone would want one? The answer for me is; The Fox Mustang has an immense amount of cheap, available parts at dirt cheap prices, which enables me to keep it on the road in a somewhat maintained condition. It's not hard to work on and I know that with the right kinds of upgrades, it can hold it's own against some very high dollar offerings. I drive my Mustang almost every day and for reasons I can't explain, I like it more and more as time passes.

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Craig Crall283 days ago

_Understanding Race Seats_ I came across this very well written article about racing seats, which also has some videos embedded. Before you hit the track again, you might want to give this a read. https://www.turnology.com/tech-stories/chassis-safety/understanding-aims-concerns-racing-seat/

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Craig Crall794 days ago

Without trying to re-invent the clutch assembly (sort of) I designed and built, threaded bearing housings for the stock pedal box, which screw/bolt into place. The weird bell-crank and linkage was required to actuate the mechanism with the clutch-master mounted in a conventional way on the firewall. Right now, I have the clutch master mounted in the hole where the cable would normally go.

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[]Craig Moody

I miss my fox and the maverick motorsports suspension kit i had in it. that said I dont miss the pimpin red interior, the carpet rot, and the 17 mpg of the 5.0 and failing aod XD the brings back good jimmies, and the feels

[]Craig Crall

Cool. I'm really glad I found my car and it gets a workout almost every day; I'm constantly hauling lumber and other projects in it.

It was mechanically in need of help when I got it, nothing major really, just a long list of little stuff needed help. It's such an easy car to work on.

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