???400 ish? HP
Curb Weight
Too damn high LB
8.5" 10-bolt with 3.73s
Engine Size
468 L
Transmission Type
M-22 Muncie
Top Speed
135ish MPH
Standing Quarter Mile
Maybe. Seconds
Zero to Sixty
Yes Seconds
MPG (City/Highway)

I bought this Nova in 2008 for $500. It was mostly rust, bondo, and a tired 350/350turbo. Over the years I've turned it into... whatever it is today... It's not really a pro-touring car. It's not a drag car. It's absolutely NOT a show car. If I had to classify it I would call it a street fighter. I'm a fireman with a family who's keeping it together on a single income, so this car was pieced together over the years with loose change and spare parts, and my even more rare spare time. It's powered by a 468 big block that was origionally in a race boat. The loud M-22 4-speed is from a scrapped 80's pro-street race car. The front suspension is QA-1 coil-overs between Ride Tech tubular control arms, and a Hotchkis sway bar. The rear suspension is a pair of Hotchkis 2" drop leafs and old school Lakweood slapper bars. The factory 8.5" rear end was beefed up with an Eaton posi, and 31-spline axles. I've rebuilt the engine twice due to broken valve springs and a siezed piston wrist pin, and in the most recent rebuild I took a lot of the teeth out of the engine so it would be a more reliable powerplant. It's got a Comp Magnum hydraulic roller cam. 10.5:1 pistons. A Scat crank. Eagle i-beam rods. The weak link in the engine are the 781 heads, but those get the job done for now. As of right now the car was built to drive. I've had it out for the last 3 power tours, so I guess that's its purpose. One of these days I will have to invest in a TKO or Gearvendors and some EFI, but I dont see that happening any time soon. $$$

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