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In today's video we drag a bunch of our Honda's and Acura's up one of San Diego's most popular driving roads, Mnt. Palomar !

In today's video, we load the 300ZX on the trailer and bring it to its new home!

Welcome to the first video of our Project 300ZX build series! We're restoring a 300ZX that's been sitting for over 10 years. Join along with us as we bring the 80's back with this build! #DevilZ #Z31 #DailySquad

In this episode of Project Altima, we install K-Sport Kontrol Pro coilovers on Jake's 2003 Nissan Altima. In the next episode we install StopTech slotted rotors, Pads and Goodridge stainless steel brake lines! Songs Inteus - Fears SOUDIERE - WEAK BACKWHEN - Everything (ft. aseri)

In todays vlog, we head down to Andrews shop to create and install blast pipes on the Subaru! Check us out on social media and WheelWell! Facebook: DailySquad Productions IG: DailySquadProductions WheelWell: https://wheelwell.com/dailysquad-productions

We took a break, kind of. Sorry about that, but we're back! And we've been stacking up content, and making moves for merchandise! Stay tuned, in the past few weeks the altima and the outback have changed a lot. Check us out on social media: FB: DailySquad Productions IG: DailySquadProductions Wheelwell: https://wheelwell.com/dailysquad-productions

Songs: Remember Summer Days - Android Apartment Night Tempo - Dreamer Check us out on social media and WheelWell! Facebook: DailySquad Productions IG: DailySquadProductions WheelWell: https://wheelwell.com/dailysquad-productions

Okay, it's been a while since we've uploaded. We were sitting around, waiting for car parts to arrive in the mail, and not having much to film, then we thought "Hey, we should review roads. In this new series, we'll be driving roads all over the state, both ones they've been to and ones they've never driven, in order to educate you guys about California's beautiful back roads, and let you know which ones are worth driving. Let us

In today's video, Bryan tests out his new and improved suspension setup on Palomar Mountain's south grade hill climb. The car handles very well! Next updates to the suspension will have to be upgraded sway bars and end links for the rear (only on the front at the moment). More content coming soon, school and work have had us very busy. Look forward to a whole bunch of Altima videos, as well as a brand new project that Bryan

What's going on guys! Our apologies for not having a video last week. Literally everyone in the squad got full time jobs at the same time, and none of us have been able to go out and film. But full time jobs means full time $$$. More mods for Roshi and Jake's Altima build coming soon, as well as a new direction for the $10 TrapYata build! Stay tuned, we have lots more coming up. 90's Vaporwave vibes

Smash that subscribe button. Do it for Best Girl Rem. Kanji text says ReZero - Starting life in another world All the music used was from Re:Zero More decals coming to add the finishing touches to the design! Songs Re Zero kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu ED EDMTrap Remix I Styx Helix I Re Zero kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu OP 2 EDMTrap Remix I Paradisus-Paradoxum I Jun Kuroda - Stay Alive (Re Zero

Today, Bryan attempts to teach you guys how to install the $20 Universal Rally Armor mudflaps that can be found online. If you're not down to spend $150+ on a set of vehicle specified mudflaps from RallyArmor, these are a great alternative. That is, if you don't mind drilling holes into your fender and wheel well. Check us out on social media, and browse our wheelwell to keep tabs on our builds! Facebook: DailySquad Productions IG:

In today's video, I show you how I made my own custom steel mesh grille for my 2014 Subaru Outback!

We made a wish with the Dragon Balls and now Roshi is back from the dead! We also make a somewhat educational video about how to install a cold air intake and a strut tower bar on Subaru Legacy and Outback 2.5i and 3.6r models. The main parts that we installed today are the AFe Power Takeda 3.6R air intake (different unit from the 2.5i, but the installation is the same process), and we also installed an SSD

Finally installed the oil pan on our 93' Miata project car! In the next episode we can move on to the intake and radiator setup! Check us out on social media: IG: DailySquadProductions Facebook: DailySquad Productions Wheelwell: https://wheelwell.com/dailysquad-productions

In todays episode of Project Ratchet Rocket, we replace a motor mount, install a fresh new front lip and add some finishing touches! Follow us on social media: IG: @DailySquadProductions FB DailySquad Productions Check out our page on WheelWell and learn about what we have done to our cars! https://wheelwell.com/dailysquad-productions song - Dyalla - The fear https://soundcloud.com/dyallas/tracks

We are a North County San Diego car club started by a squad of close friends with the intention of creating a crew of diverse, uniquely modified daily drivers, and we are bringing you video content along the way. Check out our YouTube channel! It's regularly described by our fans & subscribers as "F**king lit!".
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