265 HP
250 LB-FT
Curb Weight
3647 LB
All Wheel Drive
Engine Size
3.6 L
Transmission Type
Standing Quarter Mile
14.8 sec Seconds
Zero to Sixty
6-6.5 sec Seconds
MPG (City/Highway)
15/25/20 MPG

Tell us the story behind your ride. What made you pick this particular one? Where did you find it? This Outback has been with me for 3 and 1/2 years at the time that I'm writing this. I purchased it new from Bob Baker Subaru in November of 2013. After several months of car shopping, I chose this Outback over all my other options, including a 2014 WRX STI, Cadillac CTS 3.6 Wagon, an Audi AllRoad, and a BMW 528i. My reasons for choosing an Outback? I wanted the space offered by it but not the STI. I wanted the capable AWD that no other manufacturer can match at the same price point. But above all, the most important deciding factor in me buying, and then modifying a 6 cylinder Outback was the fact that damn near nobody else did it. There are a very seldom few out there who have lowered a 5th gen Outback, but most who have, have gone the Stance/VIP route with it. I have done the opposite of what a vast majority of people choose to use a Subaru Outback for. I set up the suspension and brakes for aggressive mountain and canyon driving, yet still maintain the ability to take the car off road when I need to. I made it loud as f*ck. I gave it tires as big the tires on a 650i, and I stickerbombed the hell out of it. And of course, I daily drive it. That's what subies are for! Overall, this car is supposed to be brash, loud, obnoxious, and offensive. It's supposed to take corners at speeds an Outback has no business ever approaching, and still be a classic Outback when it's road trip time. I'm very happy to say it does all of those things, and I wouldn't have it any other way. Describe the modifications you've made. Where did you start,  what’s the most recent mod and what motivated it? So far, mods have only been done to the suspension, brakes, exhaust, wheels & tires. The first mod I ever put on the car was an Invidia N1 Street 3 in. catback. After that, I added KW Variant 1 coilovers, and for some time I ran only those mods with XXR 530 wheels and Uniroyal tires. I then upgraded the brakes and installed Stoptech rotors and performance pads, along with custom braided lines. I then cut out the resonator of my N1 and replaced it with a 3 inch pipe, and had custom exhaust tips made to replace the N1 mufflers, using a pair of the Crawford Performance gymkhana tips. Some time after that, I decided to switch to a wider wheel and tire setup, so I purchased new, wider XXR 527 wheels and Falken PT722 tires that I later upgraded to Michelin Pilot Sport A/S3+ tires.  The latest, most recent mods have yet to be done. I had a control arm failure recently, where my driver's side lower control arm snapped off of the car and took several parts with it. The mods going on the car include a full set of whiteline control arm bushings, steering rack bushings, and a whiteline "anti lift" kit for correcting suspension geometry, along with a brand new control arm and driver's side axel. Other modifications may need to be made depending on what else may be broken. (at the time of writing this, it happened recently and is still at the shop waiting for replacement parts in the mail) Of all the mods you’ve made, which do you think offers the biggest bang for the buck? The coilovers, without a doubt. They were the most expensive mod, but also the most effective. They completely changed the handling characteristics of the car, and gave it backroad and cornering capabilities that nobody in a Subaru Outback has any business having. Coming in close second would be my Michelin tires. How did you go about selecting the specific parts for this build? Any installation tips to share? The coilovers were the most nerveracking to order, as we had no idea if they would fit. The coilovers are actually for a 2015 STI, but they fit on the car initially without body spacers (1 in. body spacers were later installed and I reccomend) and have worked wonderfully since installing them. The exhaust started as "buy this exhaust for a similar year legacy and hope it fits". It did not. So right out of the box we had to cut 10 inches of piping out of the mid pipe of the exhaust, and then I later customized it when I decided it wasn't loud enough with the N1 style mufflers it had. Selecting the brakes came down to the fact that StopTech makes a kit for my car, and is the only company that has a kit that isn't a 6 piston upgrade that costs $6000. I'm running slotted and vented Stoptech rotors, a couple mm larger than the stock rotors, along with stoptech performance pads, and custom brake braided steel lines. Master cylinder and calipers are stock. Any other mods and parts are small bits and musts, like bushings. There are going to be more mods made to beef up the front suspension, so stay tuned to our Youtube channel for more info on that. What are you planning next? After I handle beefing up my front suspension and getting some body work done, I would like to get a new set of either forged, or high quality cast wheels, preferably a set of Fifteen52 Tarmacs (if somebody from Fifteen52 is reading this, PLEASE hit me up!), and I would like to install the RaptorSC 3.6R header kit, along with replacing the cats with glass pack test pipes. I'm also planning on getting a Takeda 3.6R intake, and a full flex fuel kit, then get the car dyno tuned for flex fuel. What’s been the biggest challenge with this build? Finding misc. suspension parts, like bushings, camber kits, geometry correction kits and other small aftermarket parts to do simple things like stiffen up the ride and correct the suspension geometry after going 4 inches lower than stock. Everything else has been straight forward, even the custom stuff has been easy. The hardest part so far is just finding parts that work with this platform and its motor, as almost every part except for the brakes has been retrofitted or custom made. This is also the reason that no mods have been made to the powertrain, as bolt ons for the 3.6L engine are just now hitting the market.

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