200 HP
210 ft/lbs
curb weight
2990 lbs
2.2 l

My story with the SS Turbo starts in 2014 when i was looking to buy my first Subaru. I had found a beautiful 1 owner 2.5RS at a dealer, long story short I went to see it and test drove but could not come to a reasonable deal so I passed. On the way home from the dealer I started browsing craigslist and found pretty beat SS Turbo sedan in Winestone Metallic like my current car (at the time I had no idea these cars even existed) and I thought to myself turbo Subaru for $1800 that's a steal. I went and looked at this car and drove it, It was pretty beat and needed work but I was willing to do that myself. worked out a deal with the seller but it ended up falling through, after this I decided to go a different route and ended up buying a supercharged Audi B5. even though I had gotten a different car I still loved the styling of the 1st Gen legacies and kept my eye out for any that I could find a reasonable price. fast forward three project cars and 7 years later I found a 1st Gen L Wagon to use a daily and at a great price. After dailying this car for about a year I fell back in love with the platform and made plans to modify and swap this car, those plans never came to fruition as the head gaskets went bye bye. fast forward to the beginning of 2022 I find a listing for a SS Turbo in Winestone just like the one I drove all those years before, and it was about an hour from my house but the price is a little steep. I waited to see if I could make this happen and few weeks later the price came down to $2000 which I could justify. I drove down the next day and picked up this beautiful example of a 1st Gen.

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