Curb Weight
~5000 LB
Dana 44 Front/Rear
Engine Size
6.6 L
Transmission Type

This was the first vehicle I purchased myself in 2010. I have certainly learned a lot wrenching on it. Up until 2013 it was my daily drive so I did whatever needed to keep it running and reliable. After purchased a new car, I started doing to more serious work beginning with rebuilding the front and rear differentials. I found a rusted out 1978 Wagoneer with an AMC 401 and purchased it for $800. I pulled the 401 out and parted the rest of the truck out to make my money back. The 401 was in excellent shape and didn't even need to be overbored. Other than the machining, I rebuilt and assembled the engine. Next up was the transmission which I took to a professional. They did a great job with the rebuild but I ended up getting the jeep stuck in some pretty deep water and water got inside through the vent which killed the clutch packs. Since I had just dropped a couple dollars on the transmission rebuild, I decided to try tackling the next rebuild myself. That is still an ongoing process. The transmission has been in and out twice and now the jeep currently sits in the driveway with no reverse. To be continued... 

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[]Apple Jack

Brings back memories. I grew up in the back seat of a 1981.

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