Got it from grandpa as a work gift for working with him, had it for a few months and decided it was too slow for my liking and quiet so I cut the muffler and put an intake, it isn’t much for power but you know I liked it. Lots of cosmetics done from brush guard to window guards, tint and wheels. Interior is quite clean too, new radio and climate control buttons. All was well until about 3 months ago I got into an accident where I flipped my truck on the passenger side. Window shattered both fenders were bent to hell. Worked just fine though. The thing was still running while side ways, I got cut off on a narrow dirt road by someone speeding and I hit the ditch to avoid it and my truck did a complete 180 degrees. Minor setback though. It’s gonna come back better than ever even though the B Pillar is bent, a bunch of bondo and determination will get it back to its former glory, maybe even better.

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