Not many HP
a few LB-FT
Curb Weight
lots of LB
Rear Wheel Drive
Engine Size
4.3 L
Transmission Type
MPG (City/Highway)
22 MPG

Daily Driver, Shop Truck, Project Truck, Labor of Love This truck was purchased used by my grandpa in the early 2000's and he drove it until he developed health problems and had to give up driving in 2008. It then went to my dad who drove it back and forth to work until around 2013 when he passed it on to me. I fell in love with S10's when I was around about 14 reading Sport Truck Magazine. I always wanted to get this truck one day, and it eventually did get handed down to me. I have a lot of sentimental attachment to it because of who owned it before me, so I will never get rid of it. I already have way more into its restoration than I could ever sell it for, but none of that matters. It was my grandpa's, it was my dad's, now it is mine. Unfortunately, 20 years of Missouri and Illinois road salt took their toll on this truck. Both wheel wells on the bed were totally gone, both front fenders and inner fenders were rusted through. The cab corners and rocker panels completely rusted off of the truck. The frame was totally corroded. It was bad! I am currently in the process of bringing it back to life and making it fun to drive. It has all new suspension and steering parts along with a freshly painted frame. I did all the work myself using supplies from Eastwood. Suspension is lowered 2 inches in the front with drop spindles and 3 inches in the back with drop leaf springs. It has ZQ8 sway bars, steering box, new coils, tie rods, idler arm, center link, bushings etc. It has the 98+ Blazer brake swap up front, and Little Shop MFG rear disc brake conversion. Body work and paint are next!

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