DAN CONNORS'S2006 Subaru Impreza WRXLimited

Dan Connors's 2006 Subaru Impreza WRX LimitedWheelwell Toggle Part Tags
Kaminari Aerodynamics Reverse cowl vented carbon fiber hood

Kaminari Aerodynamics Reverse cowl vented carbon fiber hood

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Spyder Auto HID Xenon C-light Headlights

Spyder Auto HID Xenon C-light Headlights

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CB D3signs Front Plate Delete 2007 STI Limited

CB D3signs Front Plate Delete 2007 STI Limited

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Work Wheels Emotion CR Kiwami 17x9 Wheels

Work Wheels Emotion CR Kiwami 17x9 Wheels

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COBB GD Chassis Front Mount Intercooler Kit

COBB GD Chassis Front Mount Intercooler Kit

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2006 Subaru Impreza WRX




Vehicle Summary

Daily driven dream car.

Short BlockEJ255
TransmissionSTI 6-Speed
Curb Weight3150 LBS
Fuel TypeE77 Ethanol
Horsepower362 WHP
Torque413 FT-LBS
Fuel TypeShell 93 Octane
Horsepower311 WHP
Torque353 FT-LBS

The Story

I picked this vehicle up from a buddy of mine in 2015 after looking for a Hawkeye with a lot of potential. It has been through 7 different owners and when I bought it had fallen into a state of disrepair. The windshield was cracked, the tires were so bald you could see the belts, the endlinks were clunking every time you turned the wheel, along with multiple check engine lights and other issues. Regardless of all this I could see that the car wasn't done kicking yet. Of the couple of mods done to the car before I bought it, most important was the complete STI 6-speed swap. This includes the trans, rear diff, driveshaft, axles, hubs, brembos, and a manual DCCD controller. At some point the car was sold to someone who didn't care about the quality or fitment of the parts they were adding or about keeping it well maintained. Since I purchased the car I've been busy getting it back in good condition and on to a consistent maintenance schedule, adding higher quality new parts to make it my own, and keeping my wife constantly annoyed with how much time I spend researching anything and everything Subaru. Current priorities for the car include: 1. Fully building the longblock with forged internals, full valve train and cams, and a custom Precision 5558 fog-light mounted turbo/manifold setup 2. Refreshing the front clip with fresh paint on a new set of fenders and a new bumper cover 3. Finish the 2007 STI Limited interior conversion by reupholstering the back seat and repainting the center console Like any other blue collar car junky the fixes and upgrades come a little bit at a time as life's more pressing issues suck up all the spare funds but until then this is my all season, AWD, all around fun daily driver, grocery getter, and the machine that taught me how to work on and enjoy cars.

Comments (8)
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[]Ashley Moeck

😍 this is so nice!

[]Dan Connors


[]Maggie Johnson


[]Jeff Bowman

Very well done! Followed

[]Dan Connors

Thanks for the follow, glad you like the car!

[]Robert Linsenbach

Your WRX is so clean. The gold rims with the white just looks great!

[+][deleted] (0 children)

[]Tabitha Blagdon

Nice shot of under the hood. Love the tagged parts.

Dan Connors19 days ago

Huge new addition to the carbon addiction!

Dan Connors73 days ago

New Xenon HID Spyder Auto C-light headlights on the subie. These things look incredible and the price really cannot be beat over new OEM or a retrofit set. Available on the Wheelwell store. #spyderauto #subaru #hid #xenon #hawkeye #sti #wrx #headlights

Dan Connors75 days ago

Brembos getting a rebuild and some fresh paint, write-up on the process to come! #teamwheelwell #forthebuild #subaru #wrxsti #hawkeyesti #brembo

Dan Connors442 days ago

Me and a few buddies spent most of the day on 1st and the 2nd of the month pulling the transmission on the subie for my first clutch job. It was a ton of work and there was no way I could have finished it all by myself.


[+][deleted] (0 children)

[]Tabitha Blagdon

Sick. Congrats.

Dan Connors447 days ago

Finally got the hot pipes in from UPS and everything installed and it looks great! Fitment is excellent and everything looks so clean! What an upgrade from that old, beat up kit. Next up, new front bumper cover and fenders!


[]Sheldon Hall

Dang that's a huge intercooler!


All the better to boost with!

[]Tabitha Blagdon

Looking good

Dan Connors452 days ago

This past weekend I ended up buying the Cobb GD FMIC kit to replace my hoopty Greddy kit and I'm extremely excited to get it all out of the boxes and installed. Unfortunately, due to problems with UPS I've received everything except the hot side pipes and so I'm forced to wait until this coming Monday morning for them to be delivered. :(

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