580 @ 20lbs

The R32 was always my dream car, i purchased my 05 STi because it was the closest thing that i could afford to a GTR at the time (AWD Turbo). When the car became legal in the states i researched for months about the logistics about getting one and about trustworthy mechanics and importers. I ended up finding a guy named Max from JDM Auto Imports out in Wisconsin that walked me through he process and helped me out a great deal. My plan was to sell my STi and use the money to get my R32 but as soon as i was ready to pull the trigger me and my wife were blessed with a baby on the way. At the time we lived in an apt so I decided to keep the subie since it was a sedan and use my capital to purchase a house with a great school district. The R32 dream had to be put on the back burner. The day we moved to our new home i remember opening the garage doors and seeing the back of the R32 and going crazy, my wife went through my emails and finished my transactions with JDM Auto Imports and had the car delivered as a “New Garage” gift! The car was mostly stock for some time but i noticed i was taking apart the motor more than i was driving the car due to the dry rot of random hoses but with work and a newborn it was getting harder and harder to make time to work on her. The original plan was to be a more mild build, i was concentrating more on reliability and streetability but once the motor came out and the opportunity to upgrade more things happened, i got bit by the bug and i kept adding more things to the build. I love the idea of having a special build and take pride in knowing not many other cars i see around will be like mine. I did a lot of research and fell in love with the Shorin Kit paired with the Rocket Dancer front lip and a car shop F1 vented hood with some LMGT2s, a very OEM+ look in my opinion. Honestly there is no goal for the car other than to enjoy it. A car that i can take anywhere and feel proud of - i can track and show this car and still drive it whenever i want and not worry about it braking down. Special thanks to ProEShift Performance, Vilar Autobody, my brothers at Tough Club and most importantly my wife and son Patricia and Grayson

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