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My project

Modded Engine.. after installation

[]Robert Sixto

You know it's getting real when the front end is off! 😁

[]Daniel Prasad

haha it's now no longer hanging , its back together ready for tuning, more pics to come.

[]Sebastian Nounou

Dude this is called ‘service mode’ for Euro’s. Any time anything has to be done that’s what happens lol.

[]Robert Sixto

Oh yeah, I know it well from my Audi days. My Mazdaspeed 6 seems to have a bit of Euro to it as well, it's looked this way a couple times now.

[]Sebastian Nounou

It’s nuts. I’ve tucked into a couple Speed6’s lol. Not enjoyable for me lol.

[]Robert Sixto

After the third time, you get used to it. Lol