12 HP
12 LB-FT
Curb Weight
2600 LB
All Wheel Drive
Engine Size
2.2 L
Transmission Type
JDM Spec C close ratio 6 speed
Top Speed
112 MPH
MPG (City/Highway)
22 MPG

I purchased this car from my father summer of 2014 to be my first car. It was pretty much 100 percent stock at the time (only mods were a custom mount for a valentine 1 and the front of the seats were raised.)  Most of the original paint peeled off hence the sub-par plastidip just until I can get it repainted properly.  Its my daily but regularly gets romped on at the local autox and a couple track days.  I've done all the work myself and only have a few left over bolts... A version 8 spec C complete swap is in the works.

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