Yonaka Catback FA1  Yonaka catback exhaust

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Yonaka Catback FA1 Yonaka catback exhaust






The exhaust is a Yonaka catback. It went on sale for $210 and I had to do it. Installing took some time but when I was done I wasn't too impressed at first. When the exhaust is cold, it's kinda quiet, but on the same day I went to a store and that's when I really heard it. It heated up and got loud. It has a very low tone sound that sounds great. It's not like those fartcans that you hear on a lot of Civics. I would totally buy another exhaust from Yonaka. The only issue was the drone, and I really noticed it when I took a drive that was a few hours. So I bought a no-drone pipe from Synapse Engineering for like $70 and it fixed a good bit of the highway drone.






Place of Install



Me and my brother


You will need to cut off the bolts that bolted into the old exhaust under the middle console tunnel. The original bolts are too short for the thick flange on the Yonaka exhaust. Once you cut them off, you will need to drill new holes in their spots. It takes time but it's doable. Also if you don't like drone on the highway, you will need a no-drone pipe. I got mine from Synapse Engineering. I got it welded in for $20. I will put in a picture of it.

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