225 HP
215 LB-FT
3.90 Quaife LSD
Engine Size
3.0 L
Transmission Type
Original 5-Speed
MPG (City/Highway)
No Idea MPG
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        Discuss this build

        []Hunter Stone

        If I had the money at the time I would have loved to stay with that beautiful 6. Still considering making the change back.

        []Darin Colvey

        Thanks, will do. Need to get back into car mode. Discovered dirt bikes and have been too distracted for awhile:(

        []Chris Tracy

        Love it! Check out powerofthedragon.com too! Lots of Z cars there too! You can throw yours up too! :)

        []Darin Colvey

        Thanks, bit of an oddball car. Actually a 78 280, but I purchased a 71' gutted chassis, used some of the panels and swapped VIN's so I could drive the car in LA without smogging. Moved to Colorado and didn't matter. Now have a 5 year collector plate and it's "street legal"....No wipers, heater, 2.5" exhaust off a high compression motor through a 3" ultra flow...loud but sweet sounding

        []Chris Tracy

        That's sweet! Classic looking Z! :)

        []Darin Colvey

        Thanks! Working on it, need to get my pics rounded up

        []Andrew Johnson

        Looks so clean in white. Add your parts list!

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