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I need some #advise for some #newmods

[]Gregory Garoppolo

I kind of like the wheels that you have but if you lowered the car as Robert suggests, you could get some wheel spacers to push the wheels out a bit further and give the car a more aggressive stance. I would also guess that your exhaust is very restricted because your car is so quiet, a performance exhaust may completely change that Camry's character.

[]Jessica Pomerleau

Performance or aesthetic?

[]Darryl Murray

Both 😅

[]Jessica Pomerleau

Hmm well a new set of mags never hurts!

[]Robert Sixto

I'd vote suspension, nice set of sport springs and shocks or even go full coilovers. Nothing improves/changes the feel of your car quite as dramatically as that. Also, a nice set of wheels fits both the performance and aesthetic aspects quite nicely if you get wider, stickier tires on there!