Power @ Crank
327.4 BHP
0-60 MPH
5.3 sec
1380 KG
Engine size
3.2 L
278.4 WBHP
384 NM

This was going to be my car for life. Ive owned an incredible list of drivers cars over the last few years, the last 3 cars ive owned for example are the Renault Wind RS, Alfa Romeo 156 GTA, imported Mazda RX8 JDM Type S however none of these cars can compare to my pride and joy (expect maybe the Renault Wind RS as its a fun, small, rare targa top roadster). Ive fell in love with this car on first sight, smell and sound but like any alfa she's not perfect, she has lots of wheelspin, terrible running cost's, the odd gremlins that fix themselves ($1200 for a cambelt change, $600 for a service, 16mpg town - 32mpg Highway) However that said you don't buy a top of the range Alfa Romeo for its dynamic abilities as that would be like buying a porn film for its plot. An Alfa is made to make you feel good and despite the phrase is a riot to drive :) This car made me smile every time i drive her, popping and crackling on downshifts, feeling the road beneath you as you drive at half speed through British countryside roads. I sold the gt to buy a Alfa Romeo Spider 939.

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Alfa GT 3.2 V6 = Italian style with brutal power delivery

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Nice pic!

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