DAVE READ'S1991 Nissan 300ZX2dr Coupe

Dave Read's 1991 Nissan 300ZX 2dr Coupe
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1991 Nissan 300ZX

2dr Coupe



Vehicle Summary

This is technically z32 no.6. 2jz swapped. After having the ls2 z stolen and the next 2 after that being absolute basket cases, found another slicktop to destroy my wallet with.


The Story

Lucky Z number 3. Hopefully don't have to sell it or crash it. Away with the vg30...A mild ls2 shall take it's place. Not sure on the exact cam I will be running yet, most likely lunati voodoo, sussing out porting work first and still tinkering around with the body work for now. Replica J-spec 2k front bar (slightly larger openings than stock, requires early model indicators). Lenso type m 18x8, will upgrade to wider set later. Didn't bother with the shaved bay as I am lazy. Did strip it back of all the nastiness that was, and paint it a gloss black, pictures are of it before it's been cut back so it's peely as shit. Everything pictured is only test fitted atm. Still need to source many, many parts. Ls1 block has been overbored, honed, decked and hot tanked. All brand new internals including crank. Needs more low, am hoping for another set of tein super streets. About to purchase the 370z akebono brake swap kit, nice big 355mm rotors up front with the giant calipers. Going to lightly tint the front bar indicators and install the fog light ducts. Would kill for some aftermarket Recaro leather seats, but not likely for a very long time.  UPDATE: So, the LS swapped Z got pinched. Pretty pissed. Purchased 3 (technically 4) more z32's since that fiasco. Got 1 slicktop manual na that was supposed to be in good condition, put a deposit down and took it for 2 days to see how she do, turns out it had a lot of issues, so told old mate I wasn't interested for the asking price, he wouldn't budge, so I walked. Then came along a 2+2 tt auto with the factory blue interior and midnight blue paint, again, was told it was just a coil issue for the misfire, swapped all 6 coils and then comp tested and cyl 4 was at 90psi, so luckily only paid $500, so parted it out and easily made that back. Mate ended up scoring a few parts cars, 1 happened to be an na auto slicktop with a shit motor (he wanted the auto box) and the other was a 2+0 targa that had been kicked up the arse. He took what he wanted from them, then I taxed them both. Have the red targa as a parts car for panels, interior, steering rack etc and the slicktop has been stripped inside and out, engine bay resprayed white, 2jz swapped in and just the exterior paint to finish. Restored 99% of interior panels, including dash. They have all been dyed true black, so the contrast is rather evident between the dash and shifter surround in some pics. Did all the boot plastics as well. The turbo itself is a Borg Warner s366 t4 single scroll, the 2j is a non turbo motor, I have a vvti head I am rebuilding to swap on, will grab a cometic tt head gasket and drop the comp a touch. Full flex fuel set up, raceworks twin 360lph e85 compatible pumps, full e85 lines from tank to engine, 1000cc injectors, Haltech Elite 2000 ecu with their custom wiring harness.The Plenum is an Otaku Garage FFIM made right here in Australia, actually just up the road from me, they are legends and the plenum is beast. Full CNC billet runners and 90mm throttle body, e85 top feed rail and the plenum itself is pressure tested to 50psi. Will do the R35 GTR coil pack conversion on the 2j. Paint is going to be Satin Black, just can't get past it tbh. Not too sure what exhaust mani I will run yet, most likely a 6boost one. Will be doing the 370z Akebono brake swap again, they are just crazy on a 2+0.

Comments (4)
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[]Tom Armstrong

Sir there is a large snail on your engine

[]Dave Read

Haha wanted bigger man but the Government doesn't want me having too much fun

[]Tom Armstrong

haha true

[]Dave Read

Well...the ls Z was stolen so I've been building a 2jz swapped slicktop 😊

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