112 HP
96 LB-FT
Curb Weight
2,200 LB
Engine Size
1.6 L
Transmission Type
5-Speed Manual

My goals for my car Letty are to build it to 200whp on its factory 4age and keep a full interior in other words a street car. I plan to auto-x the car in the future as well. Back story: I remember when I was 15 or 16 I was sitting in my parents work van talking to my father while my mother filled it with gas at a BP gas station on northern Blvd. my father asked what car I wanted for my first car, I wanted a manual car because I wanted to be like him. When he was young as told to me by him, my mother, my grandmother, uncles, and his old friends, when my father was young he had a multitude of cars (not all at the same time obviously) all were manual and the majority were all sports car. He purchased an automatic car once when his first child was born in 1992 (my sister who's a year older then me) that last car was a mk2 supra. Anyways my father was telling me how manual is fun but not convenient for city driving. I told him if he did it so can I and he said ok. Then he said, so what a Honda? I said no those are all over NY, I want something different. He said like what? I said I wanted one I've those old Toyotas that the head lights go up and down (I used and gestures to show this. He said, a twincam? I said, what ever it's called. He said, yea a twincam. I said those are cool. Then he told me that rose cars are rear wheel drive and I wouldn't be able to use it in the snow. But I told him I didn't care, I said I'll park it in the garage for the whole winter and take the bus. As we pulled out of the gas station what a coincidence, a blue AE86 coupe was parked across the street. With a smile on my face I quickly pointed at it and said one of those. My father said, that's what I call a twincam (which refers to the sticker on the doors of the car. Hyphen he told me that's not a car to use every day and I told him I didn't care. When I turns seventeen I got my permit learned to drive in my fathers RAV4. After that lease finished my father and I went looking for a car I can learn stick in. We walked into the Mazda dealer and my father took a mazda2 stick for a test drive and decided it was a good car to learn how to drive stick in. We sat down with the sales man but sadly and thankfully he told us they don't lease those. But he said he had a mazda3 we could take for a test drive. They pulled it out and it was a black mazdaspeed3 a really cool car. We took that for a test drive and it brang out the kid in my father agin, the por sales man was in the passenger seat stomping on the brakes as if he was Driving. We ended up leasing a red one. My mom was pissed and hated when my father drove it. My father ended up trading in the car for a cx9 because my mom never stopped nagging and I was heart broken. The only lesson I got was how to turn it on which was a big experience for me one day. Some time later my fathers friend happened to get a AE86 I thought it was cool but didn't say much about it. About 3 months later my fathers friend was fed up with people asking him if he would sell it and was thinking of selling it. My father told him he'll buy it from him. I was excited my father was buying an AE86. The next week on my 18th birthday I went with my father to his friends house where the 86 was parked on the side of his yard. We were looking at it and my father looked at me and said, you like it... It's yours. Your birthday gift from your mom and I. It was the best birthday ever. My cousin and I learned how to drive stick in it and we destroyed the clutch lol. I told my father I wouldn't drive it in the winter and that's exactly what happened. Every winter the car stays parked in a garage. It's a car I'll never want to let go of it.

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