300 HP
320 LB-FT
Curb Weight
2926 LB
Rear Wheel Drive
Engine Size
2 L
Transmission Type
5spd lsd
MPG (City/Highway)
28 MPG

The 2008 cobalt SS, This is a car i didn't know about 2 ish years ago. Me and cobalts history first started a couple of months after high school. I was working on getting a new job a little bit father from home the i used to work and wanted a more reliable car then my 1991 sun fire. I like cobalt from the start at least 2 door cars so that is where I started looking. The search lead me to a couple of cars i like but then i stumbled across a ss for about half the cost of a normal cobalt. I talked with the shop i worked for about it and drove down and bought my first cobalt ss turboed. Alot of work went into the car before it was running, But once it was that when my world changed.  I hit boost for the first time and instantly fell in love. My world changed from being into video games and computers to cars. thats enough about my firts cobalt (long story short was a problem child and was killing me to keep fixing it every couple of weeks).  I sold the car sometime in 2016 and about 4 months went by in my grandpa impala that was slowly killing me to drive. I saved some money and my search began for another. I look and look i found on in st lous i really loved but it didn't work in the end. I found this one a lot closer and from a dealer for about the same as private sales where going. I drove up and fell in love again. I bought the car acouple of days later. My Modifications started with a intake and down pipe from zzp almost immediately after buying the car. The down pipe added a grumble that was need to satisfies me until i can buy a full exhaust. The intake tube was said to add more airflow to the turbo and after seeing it i believe it and was half the cost of a full cold air intake. Also i bought a full aluminum rad to keep temps down but not installed yet. I should also say that the car came with a upgraded inter cooler which i would have bought right away if it didn't. A couple of weeks past and went to a local night car meet where i didn't see my car as fast as the others. I then went out bought a tune from zzp as wheel as some wheeling bearings which my car drastically needed. I wet with timkiens from zzp. Great brand great quality. Tune came back and the car was back to being the monster i remember my first car being. Also with the tune i bought gm 3 bar sensors to accommodate the 26 pounds of boost. That is currently where  I sit for modded atm but more to come soon The best bang for the buck mod for theses car is a tune at 129.99 plus sensors it will change the car to a monster it should have been from factory. Most of the forms love ZZP and after buying from them i can see why.This leads me to rep the company as seen in the fog lights and by the exhaust tip. Great customer service and just a great company in my opinion. What are you planning next? Next will either be a turbo,clutch,e85,coilovers,nice tires,cats back exhaust, and a high rise wing What’s been the biggest challenge with this build? keeping the motivation there is not much love or respect for the car. Hense why most are fueled by haters.

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