360 HP
401 LB-FT
Curb Weight
3407 LB
Rear Wheel Drive
Engine Size
3.0 L
Transmission Type
MPG (City/Highway)
23 MPG

My goal when searching for the right next car was an everything car. My situation doesn't allow for a track car and a daily driver and a car that will hold the entire family in a pinch, so I had to find one car that would tick all these boxes. This future car had to be sporty, practical and not too much of a gas hog. I thought about a C6 Corvette. Great performance for the price, some storage but no back seat. I considered the BMW Z4 3.0si Coupe (the Z4 M Coupe was a bit too far out of the range). Great cars but also, no back seat. The same story for the Porsche Boxter. I really like the look of the new Mustang. They come with a stick, they have big power and a sweet sounding engine, and they have a back seat. Wait, scratch that, me being 6'2", my son being 6'3", and the wife and daughter both 5'10". None of us will fit in the alleged back seat. The car is also heavy and huge. At 188" it is the same length as my 2003 e39 530i sedan with four doors and a trunk. My late friend had a 1M but those were out of my price range as well. It turns out the 135is works for everything I need. One of the problems I had with the 530i was a dearth of reasonably priced aftermarket parts. Not a problem with this e82. I even ended up with the DCT partly on the recommendation of T. C. Kline (better lap times) and partly because my kids - who may one day drive this car - never learned three pedals. What a great car. It does everything. It looks great. I'll still keep an eye out for future mods; I'll put together a wish list but this car. With the recent installation of the M3 control arms, the T.C. Kline Monoball bushings, the Turner subframe bushings and the 1M rear sway bar, the major parts of this build are done! 12/20/2020 - update. I've been to one track day before COVID-19 struck and am looking at doing some local autocrossing. Without going totally crazy, like a carbon fiber diet, there's even less to do. If I do end up adding a carbon fiber hood, trunk or front fenders, I'd have them painted. I want this to be a semi-sleeper. No wings, stickers, monster flares or limo tints. If I do get a hood, I would like it to be the OEM style. As the car ages, the availability of OEM CF hoods goes down.

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