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        This is a 1993 Cobra #4719, with the opal grey cloth interior. this was and is my dream car. for as long as i can remember, I'd always wanted one just like this and the exact same color. As luck would have it, on April 12th 2012 I found her. I had saved some money for some time and had started looking around. i was on the 93 cobra forums, craigslist, classifieds, anywhere I could look. So i stumbled upon this on web and turns out the guy was looking to sell in order to pay his overdue mortgage. So made trip out to Ventura CA and went to look at it. When I got there I could tell it had been sitting outside in the sun, but inside was mint and mint. Popped the hood, dirty and unkept. Took it for a test drive, ran great. Everything worked, even AC blew cold. Needless to say I liked what I saw. Headed back home, for the next few weeks we went back and forth on the price. What netted me a even better deal on my end, was his wife picking up the phone and letting me know they needed the money and had to sell asap. So a weekend later I rolled up in a u haul truck and flat bed. 5 hours later she finally arrived at her new home, where she was cleaned up and is in company of other foxbodys.

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