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homepage tile photo for More Oil Leaks
More Oil Leaks

Pulled engine, fixed the rear main seal, put engine back in car, started it and now had 2 more oil

homepage tile photo for Oil Pressure
Oil Pressure

Nearly finished the car, well at least to the point that I was ready to start it but couldn't get i

homepage tile photo for Almost ready to start the car
Almost ready to start the car

Finished fuel lines, connected remaining sensors, ran almost all the vacuum lines other than 4-port

homepage tile photo for Progress

Finally called it a night around 2am, got a lot done and it is finally feeling like the car will be

[]David Dougherty

Thanks again @Ameer-Idelah

homepage tile photo for Saturday

Just before midnight on Saturday, made a little progress

[]David Dougherty

Thanks to my Brother-In-Law Mike and @Ameer-Idelah

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Getting close to starting the car up and start the break-in process.

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