275 HP
300 LB-FT
Curb Weight
4191 LB
Rear Wheel Drive
Engine Size
4.3 L
Transmission Type
Manual 6 speed
Top Speed
160 MPH
MPG (City/Highway)
24 MPG

I have owned my CLK since June of 2008. It had 109K miles when I purchased it. It was love at first sight! I became a Mercedes Benz fan after owning my first Mercedes - A 1979 240D with 4 speed manual. About two weeks into owning my CLK, I decided to get the exhaust modified. I first installed a muffler, and then decided to delete the resonator as well. It sounded just how I wanted it - deep tone, yet quiet & classy during conservative driving. However, roaring & loud on full throttle. I was happy with the look of the car, so I did not perform any appearance modifications. My 430 came with the AMG package & wheels. I only added size 255 Continental DWS's instead of the stock 245 size tires in the rear. As far as regular maintenance, I spared no money nor time in maintaining this beauty - No oil leaks, new cooling system, new A/C system, new steering & suspension components, along with the Bilstein performance plus shocks for less body roll on turns. The biggest modification was yet to come - I call it the "sex change"! I always wished my Benz was equipped with a manual transmission. I couldn't overcome the urge for that third pedal in the cockpit! Unfortunately, no CLKs were imported to the US with a manual - Not even 320s. Some C and SLK models came with manuals only. When my auto transmission began showing signs of wear, I decided that it was time for action. I located a donor Chrysler Crossfire (A Mercedes in a Chrysler suit) that was crashed from the front with 93K miles. I purchased and towed it to my shop, Concierge Autoworks. About a year after doing research on the manual swap, I found no information what so ever. I finally admitted I was on my own. I started the conversion not knowing how it would end up. One night, in November of 2016, I put some music on & began removing the automatic transmission from my CLK. About three weeks later, I had the first 6 speed manual CLK430 (at least, In the US) & I was proud of it! I am very pleased with the end product of the "sex change" on my CLK. Words will do no justice! The power delivery is instant to the rear wheels & the drive is like no other! Future plans? hmmmmmm...... A small turbo with a blow off valve?? TBC!

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[]Dave Kiewlak

Dude, very nice with the 6 speed. i believe i saw you on one of the episodes they have on youtube.

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