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David Patterson

Midlothian, Virginia

My name's David. I like filmmaking and cars. One Smile per gallon at a time.


David Patterson (or 'ThatDudeInBlue') is a full-time automotive YouTuber, whose approachable, down-to-earth enthusiasm, authentic voice, and genuine excitement displayed throughout his vlogs and car reviews consistently capture the attention of subscribers that 'ride along' with him on his next adventure. Before spending his days tearing up tracks, weighing in on the latest modifications, attending auto shows, and recording the handle of some of the most eye-catching custom rides, David once held onto Hollywood aspirations. However, after swapping film school theory classes for a YouTube account and windshield-mounted camera, ThatDudeInBlue has since proven that you can make a decent living by sharing your personal opinion on topics you love – no matter how distinct or bizarre the subject.

Although David started making videos around the age of 16, his funny edits and special effects did not involve car-related material. It wasn't until years later that motivation from his peers and early Matt Farah Garage419 YouTube reviews pushed David towards the online automotive video world. As a result, he ordered a suction cup from Amazon; installed his T3i Canon in front of him; and created a car review centered on a 2006 Mustang that one month later racked up 30,000 views. By 2013, he was able to dedicate his attention full time towards his YouTube endeavors…and hasn't looked back since.

Unlike those in the industry with the luxury of having access to press cars, David relies on the trust and generosity of friends (and now an extended crew of cross-country auto lovers), who invite the high-spirited reviewer to climb behind their wheels for a test drive and to critique their labors of love. ThatDudeInBlue is known for not discriminating against potential cars he films, which range from muscle standouts and import beauties, to resurrected junkyard creations.

With this open-minded attitude, David reviews just about any auto he can get his hands on, from the smallest car he's possibly ever driven (the Japanese import, Honda Beat) to the fastest conquest on his channel, the twin turbo-equipped Shelby GT350. For now, the former Virginian-turned-Georgia transplant reviews 90% of vehicles featured on his channel locally, in an effort to save time and money. Fueled by a goal to 'bring people to a positive place' with his videos, David treats his subscribers as 'friends' going on a ride with him.

Since its inception in 2011, David's 'thatdudeinblue' YouTube channel has amassed over 700,000 subscribers and nearly 130 million views, with newly uploaded video content surfacing every Monday, Wednesday and Saturday.

David has relied on organic growth to build his channel, producing videos that amplify a passion for cars (whether for his own or others) with the intent to provide value to subscribers who he hopes emotionally connect with his content. While others in the game seem fixated on numbers (horsepower, overall costs and ad revenue), he is less concerned with those figures, and more focused on sharing with viewers whether or not a specific vehicle is 'fun' to drive.

However, out of all the cars that David has driven, the most excitement he's experienced has come from his 'baby,' a 2013 Ford Mustang GT 2dr Coupe dubbed 'the Smurrf,' which serves as the undeniable mascot for his YouTube channel. Representing his favorite color and equipped with 632 HP, a P1SC Pro Charger Supercharger, stock internals, stock transmission, and stock clutch, ThatDudeInBlue says he isn't afraid to put miles on his ride (already driving it cross country twice). He considers the Smurrf a part of him, and plans on keeping it for the rest of his life – citing the car's sound and bang-for-your-buck appeal as ‘insane.'

Whether he's highlighting a 500HP single turbo RB26 inside a Z32 300ZX; showcasing the visual magnetism and thrill of driving a Campagna T-Rex; or sharing his experience at the Geneva Motor Show, David routinely updates and shares his insight/experiences across numerous social media accounts. He has also livestreams Q&A's on his YouTube channel and beyond, such as Car Throttle; produces tutorials; and makes guest appearances on podcasts, including the likes of The Smoking Tire and Super Speeders.

As someone who covers all of car culture, and by his own accounts, engages people 'in a hippy-like form,' ThatDudeInBlue has expressed that he'd like people to 'abandon their bias' and just 'get along.' This positive vibe is felt with his 'vlogitys' and in-person demeanor, as well as his line of merchandise, which promotes positive messages such as 'More Smiles per Gallon.' Available online and at auto shows, the sale of his T-shirts, decals, bandanas, and tech accessories helps fund David's videos and latest projects, which include the challenging transformation of his 1990 Nissan 240SXSE two-door hatchback (dubbed 'BlueJZ') into a street legal ride with newly built engine.

In the future, David's brand may include a dedicated website or the development of an app that assists local areas in creating car meets. The recent announcement of an upcoming video series illustrating his S13 Coupe drift car rebuild is highly anticipated. Until then, ThatDudeInBlue continues to churn out review videos made possible by anyone who is willing to put their keys in his hand, as well as keeping in mind his goal to one day harness the quality and innovation of his dream car, the Koenigsegg Agera R.

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