I bought my pony 1 1/2 ago. With full intentions of making this my track car. I wanted to make something unique to me and put smiles on kids faces as it drives by. Well with all time money I spent working on this toy, it paid off, my car is the most recognizable mustang in my city, and it’s not going to end there! My plans are to finish building this car and getting ready to compete in global time attack! I’ve so far as to install a ford performance intake manifold, a tune, 4.10 gears, a self made switch panel and delete what wasn’t needed expect for ac of course I still daily this thing! It’s also got Nrg innovations bucket seats, steering wheel and hub, and their 59 inch rear wing which surprised me a lot and still does! The wing itself is what contributing to my great handle by generating enough downforce to keep the back tires planted around corners! All on a stock suspension, go figure! I’ll be putting a 5.3 stroker with a t56 magnum xl transmission, solid motor mounts, and bc racing coil overs. Better radiator, pro charger f1a, and of course nitrous, the car will be built to unlimited class rules which is no holds bars anything goes! Not trying to always win but the main goal is to be just as competitive and put on a good show! You can follow me on Instagram @greens197gt so hopefully the #wishlistfairy looks out for me for when I start running hard in global time attack! #teamwheelwell for life!

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