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Drove down to Portland for a dyno tune at Surgeline. During the pre-dyno inspection they found a c

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She lives again

After too many months see lives again.  Break-in period has started.  Running good, feels good. So

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The machine shop did a poor job adjusting the valves. I had to take the heads off so they could fix their work. After reinstalling the heads they are much better. Not super happy with the machine shop. The engine was sealed up nice the first time. Unfortunately during the pre-dyno inspection they did a pressure test and found a couple of leaks. I'll have to pull the timing cover and drivers side cam carrier assembly off to reseal it. It's leaking where the cam carrier assembly, head, timing cover meets up. Either I didn't clean it off well enough or didn't use enough sealant. Once the engine is sealed up again I'll head back down to Portland to really see what kind of numbers she can put down. Running just 15psi she feels great, can't wait for 22psi.