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Anyone know what’s wrong with my car ? Car started to jolt on cold start up for a few seconds. Rp

[]Sebastian Nounou

Any codes present?

[]David Velez

No codes

[]Lynx Star Automotive

What are you using to scan if you do t mind me asking? Does it display data?

[]David Velez

No codes are appearing , No check engine light or anything. I have a Hum in my OBD ( HUM = device that scans the car daily to insure no issues ) so my car isn’t sayin anything but what I felt tells me there’s something wrong

[]Sebastian Nounou

I wouldn’t worry. If you ever get a misfire code simply swap the coil with another cylinder. If the misfire code moves to that cylinder simply buy a new coil and you’re done.

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[]Lynx Star Automotive

More than likely a cold start misfire due to a weak ignition coil. They start to give out around your mileage. Not uncommon. I would have it scanned with a proper scan tool (ISTA, Autologic, etc) and I would check for any stored DTC's, as well as check smooth running values, and misfire counters. Your car being an F chassis, you now have the ability to see misfire counters.

[]David Velez

Damn I’ll have to get it checked out

[]Sebastian Nounou

I bet he’s right. Nothing to be too worried about, just don’t be surprised if it one day starts dropping a cylinder.

The good news is the part is really common and you can get the exact same brand from the dealer (Bosch) at any local auto parts store minus the markup.

[]Caleb Krebs

its probably completely different on my car because my car is alot older than yours, however, i've had this when my idle air control valve was going out. I'm not sure what part that is in your car, but its a place to start!

[]David Velez

I believe I had the AC on when the car started (Arizona ...106 degress) thanks !!

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