650 whp
2500 pounds
346 Cubic inches
Final drive
Front wheels
18x10 +38
Rear wheels
18x10.5 +6
Transmission Type
6 speed manual
Front tire
Rear tire

I'm building this for general vehicular debauchery. Drift, drag, autocross, canyons, anything goes. This started out in the SF Bay Area, but with living costs so high, I didn't have a garage to work on the truck. I bought it as a "runner that needs a carb" but it had been sitting so long, that the engine was incapable of holding fluids. After replacing the entire fuel system, it blew a head gasket 15 miles down the road. The plan was always to do a V8, but the timeline was severely sped up. I started tear-down in a friends garage 90 minutes away from my home. I had to make plans for big trips down there with all my tools and speed parts. A lot of work was done on the truck in 5 or 6 big weekends with my friends over the last two years. Now I have my own garage and the space to work on the truck every night in smaller chunks. I've cut the front of the frame off to accept a new cross-member with dual A-arms, rack & pinion steering, and coil overs. The steering rack location demands that I cut the trans tunnel out and raise it four inches. The engine is stock bottom end LS1 that came from a bent 2000 Camaro. It has 317 truck heads to drop compression. This should allow the engine to live with 15 pounds of boost from the LSA supercharger. The trans is a brand new TR6060 from the Pontiac G8 GXP. I chose this one for it's even spacing between 4th, 5th and 6th gears. The rear end is a fabricated 9" with 3.25 gears and a tru-trac LSD. This gearing allows me to zing the truck up to 75mph in second gear for autocross and hopefully will allow me to trap 150mph in 4th in the quarter mile. I'm also limited to 25" tall tires without having to notch the frame or do tubs in back.

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homepage tile photo for Engine is mocked up!
Engine is mocked up!

Well! Got the motor hung in the engine bay. Fairly happy with how it fits. Although, now I need dif

homepage tile photo for undefined

Cut the transmission tunnel out in an attempt to fit the LS1 and TR6060 into the LUV! #lsaswap #kes

[]Tom Armstrong

Holy crap man that’s a big hole. Is it getting welded up or will that part be removable

[]David Voth

Plan is to weld it all up. It was way more structural than I imagined. I’d love to have it be removable though.

[]Tom Armstrong

Maybe just made a door where you can access the bell housing, it would need to seal good though due to fumes and in case of fire

[]David Voth

Hey. Now that’s an idea. I’ve been dreading having to do a clutch job on this truck for the very reason of not being able to access bell housing bolts.

[]Tom Armstrong

As a tech....that was my first thought lol

Discuss this build

[]Andrew Johnson

This looks awesome! Can't wait to see where it goes. Keep posting updates!

[]Tom Armstrong

Very nice my dude!

[]David Voth

Thanks Tom!

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