Bought my first car in 2016, a 1997 Toyota Starlet Reflet F Limited (U.K Spec),with 4EFE Twin Cam 16v under the hood & 4 Speed manual transmission. Kept it "almost stock", kind of a N/A sleeper with little mods such as K&N air intake kit, Toyota 5AFE fuel injectors(1500cc), Toyota Starlet GT Turbo (EP82) race spec radiator from Tom's, and  EE111 Corolla head & intake manifold swap.Fitted with Nisshinbo performance brake pads. Did cover the seats & steering wheel as the stock interior felt old, did put a Sparco shifter mat to replace the horrible Toyota cloth. Also fitted the car with Sony Xplod headunit with some Pioneer speakers & Sony Xplod Subwoofer. It wasn't a beast but was a great daily, with good performance, very agile & easy to maintain. It was very stable at high speed,I wasn't expecting that from such a small car & i'm still impressed. It should have been a N/A track build but sold it a while ago for another project car. Stay tuned for another build.

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