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        I was looking for a roller car to do a super stupid project with and in the midst found a 1990 Mark VII garage kept super clean and almost showroom quality. Jumped at it on the premise of not needing to have it as a project and just having a summer car that could go to shows and cruises and such in a beautiful all original condition. Unfortunately within a month of ownership the vehicle was tboned. Now with dealing with insurance and the fight to try and fix it or get the payout, the car if fixed will never again be all original, so now comes the debate of does it get built and boosted. Update: Ultimately Insurance managed to pay out 3k over what i initially purchased this car for. However with it becoming an unwanted project at this time, I in the end decided to take another route. I used the insurance money to purchase a project for myself, and as for the lincoln. My uncle and I have plans to canibalize this vehicle for the entire drivetrain, suspension, and any other usable components which we will be retrofitting into his 53 F100 build/restoration. Though it may not be my original plan, it will in its dying breath, breathe life into something else awesome in its own right.

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