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You can simply replace the large plastic stock intake with a 3" 45 degree tube and reuse the stock airbox/MAF location.

Was it easy to install? Any installation tips that will help others?

You'll likely have to cut the tube to length. If you want the valve cover vent running to the intake you'll have to drill and tap for a fitting to run a hose. You'll need a 3"-3" straight coupler and a 3"-2.5" 90 degree coupler. You can reuse the factory throttle body clamp.

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It will make the throaty deep sound intakes make at WOT. The stock air box directs most of the air across a small area of the air filter causing a dirty spot. To avoid that you can cut out some, or all, of the bottom of the air box to allow an even flow across the filter. The more you cut out the louder it will be.

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