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27, mustang enthusiast, member of revolution stangs, 2006 mustang gt

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I think ford is making a big mistake discontinuing most of its passenger cars in north america in f

[]Andrew Johnson

Disappointing for sure, I'm really surprised they are dropping the Focus, I don't know what the sales are off hand, but it's a borderline halo car for the compact sport space. I think it also says something scary about the US market. Are we really going all SUV/Truck? Ugh.

[]Ernie Szots

Hard to say it's stupid because it's based on sales and demand, but I agree with you, it's really disappointing. Ford isn't the only one going in that direction; seems to be the way all of the American manufacturers are going.

[]Derry Odell

True and im not hating on trucks or suvs but their car lineup was really good. I loved the fiesta. The taurus i was kind of expecting to go seeing as they never updated it past 2013.

[]Ernie Szots

For me, the Focus RS hurts the most.

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I love the fact that R32 skylines are becoming more common, even in california. #r32 #nissan #skyl

[]Robert Sixto

It is pretty crazy, I see them so often at meets now, even multiple. Wouldn't it be wild if they end up becoming rare in Japan but plentiful here?

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Can you spot what my friend did wrong to his gt350? He shit bricks after i told him. But we all got

[]Apple Jack

Wrong oil weight. Not the end of the world, though. If he drives it like a normal car until the next oil change, nothing will happen to the motor.

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Vortech supercharged Mercury Marauder at Fabulous Fords Forever. #mercurymarauder #adtrperformance

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Part for sale


Murrieta, CA

Ford racing 4.10 gears and Motive Bearing install kit for 2005-2010 mustang gt. Bought off america

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Old pic taken at the USS Midway Museum in San Diego. Cloudly lights have since been replaced so i

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Heres my daily. 2006 mustang gt convertible. Some exterior mods but mechanically stock. 136,000 mil

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Who else went to Fabulous Fords Forever in Buena Park, California ? #fabulousfordsforever #ford #fo

[]Ernie Szots

Didn't know about it. Looks like it was a good time.

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My friends wrapped GT350, its an absolute screamer with the exhaust valves open. Does have a borla