This is a BMW 2002 series (specific year unknown) that ACP Motorsports preformed some minor patch work on for a shop in VA that was going out of business and needed the patches done ASAP. We traveled out to their shop and after assessing the area to be patched we got started by installing some temporary braces. The rusted & rotted rocker panels and the front lower portion of the quarter was cut out and the metal behind was inspected, at the customer's discretion we treated the inner rocker panel and sealed it with a epoxy primer/sealer. All of the new sheet metal was sourced from a BMW restoration company in Germany, the new panels were rough fitted on the vehicle, after the fitment was acceptable they were welded in just as the originals were welded in. The rough metal work was finished, the welds were smoothed and the panels were checked one last time for alignment. ACP Motorsports will not be doing the body work on this vehicle and it has yet to be determined if the vehicle will come to ACP to be finished. The BMW 2002 is being restored to its original condition to be used as a daily driver by its owner. This work was performed by the owner of ACP Motorsports at the clients shop at the end of 2016.

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