200 HP
285 LB-FT
Curb Weight
6500+/- LB
Four Wheel Drive
Engine Size
5.0 L
Transmission Type
Stock Manual 5-Speed
Top Speed
150 MPH
MPG (City/Highway)
10/14 MPG

This 1990 Chevy K1500 Extended cab short bed belongs to Joshua Dicus, This truck was bought new by his godfather then later sold to chuck, josh's dad. After his father owned it for a year or two josh traded his truck in for the K1500 so his father could use josh truck as a trade in on a 2500HD. Josh has owned the truck for 6 years now and has been slowly making modifications and repairs as time and money allow until his plan for it was figured out. The truck will be turned into a Multi-purpose work and off-road truck, for trail riding, camping, fishing, hunting, off roading, mudding, towing and hauling. The truck is currently undergoing the first of three stages to complete its total transformation. Stage one will include Floor patches, interior modifications, new MIP Flooring, New Mud tires, New fuel/brake lines, upgrades with the stock drivetrain, standard maintenance, Custom 3" Exhaust, Minor suspension lift, shock upgrade, Winch, Off Road light, Tow points, In bed storage, new CB system, Custom ACP Motorsports off road parts and more. A full list of the modifications to be made will be posted as soon as it is available, pictures and updates will be posted as we progress and time allows. 

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