400 HP
480 LB-FT
Curb Weight
2824 LB
Stock Diff. Rear wheel drive
Engine Size
Stock Internal 5.0 L
Transmission Type
Stock 5-speed mannual
MPG (City/Highway)
17 MPG

This Mustang was originally  brought to Dicus Enterprises LLC to have a set of strut tower patches installed, new thick exhaust gaskets, high temp coating on the strut towers, a oil pressure gauge, water temperature gauge, boost PSI gauge, a re-wire of the sound system, and a re-wire of the battery cables.  After a Inspection of the front Sub frame, it became evident that the amount of rust in the strut tower and sub frame was not patch-able and needed to be fully replaced in order to be considered structurally sound and safe for the road or track. Sadly this turned out not to be the only issue with this fox body, one of the previous owners had made a mess of this car and hid it when they sold it. The stock Audio wiring was hacked up to bad to use, the audio wiring they installed was wired incorrectly and with household speaker wire. The aftermarket Sun pro Gauges had none of the wires, sensor, lights, fittings, or tubes that come with them for installation, they were fix in as dummy gauges. There were melted wires under the dash, under the hood and under the trim, the battery was wired using the wrong type and gauge wire and the battery tray was full of corrosion and rot. With all of the issues discovered the car has been put on hold while the owner buys parts and plans, updates will be made as possible. This 91' Fox body has a stock internal 5.0L V8 with a Vortech Supercharger on it, A stock 5 speed manual transmission, a sunroof, tinted windows, and a aftermarket head unit. The car has not been on a Dyno, and the owner currently does not know the exact amount of boost the supercharger is producing or the exact amount of horsepower and torque the engine is producing yet. More pictures, parts listing and information will be posted on the project as soon as possible.

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