250 whp
2980 lbs
Times Turn Singal Used
0 blinks
Top Speed (COp Verified)
155 MPH

I bought this car initially as my daily with intentions to occasionally track it and enjoy it on the canyons. Nowadays It's gone far more towards a track car that I can still drive on the street, mainly in the canyons. The interior is completely stripped behind the front seats from any carpet, seats, or random interior panels. It also has no headliner or airbags besides the ones on the steering wheel and dashboard. Apart from the headliner, looking at the interior from the driver's seat it still has a full interior, meaning it still has all of the original speakers, ac, power windows cruise control, and even a heated steering wheel. The combination of a terribly loud exhaust and very little sound dampening m makes for a very loud ride, but it's not my daily, and I don't live in California anymore so I don't care, as the volume is perfect with a helmet on. This car was also never meant to be terribly fast in a straight line but as it currently sits it weighs in at 2980lbs with a full tank and no driver and should be somewhere in the neighborhood of 250whp so it's no slouch either. It handles great, sounds great (in my opinion), and feels tights all around, with minimal squeaks and rattles from a car with half of it's interior missing.

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