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        I bought this car from a guy in Colorado on Craig's list, after totalling my 09 Mazdaspeed 3. I paid $14.5k plus $700 to have it moved here to Tampa. Jordan did a very good job building this car. It was everything that I wanted in my 09 and more. This one was also in much better condition as I believe it lived most of its life garaged. It pulls like a freight train. The motor has 20k miles on it as well as the turbo. The dealer in Colorado put the wrong oil in it which ruined the motor. It has a front mount, BC coilovers, Turbosmart bpv, 3" intake,Corksport exhaust, and catless downpipe. It has a version 3 Cobb tuner, with a tune by Purpledrank. I have not had one issue with this car and have had it for close to a year. I love this car and hope to keep it for a long time to come.

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