365 HP
408 LB-FT
Curb Weight
3,532 LB
Rear Wheel Drive
Engine Size
2.3 L
Transmission Type
Zero to Sixty
5.1 Seconds
MPG (City/Highway)
29 MPG

This is my second new S550 I purchased a 2015 GT last year and I picked up this 2016 Ecoboost Premium.  My target goal is to be around 400WHP/WTQ I'm getting there but I like to change things up. It has been big turbo and 20" wheels to just stock and bolt ons with PP 19" staggard setup to now square stance 275s. I decided to go back to stock spooling and see how it goes on just WMI and tuning.

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[]Don Norton

Installed Brembo big brakes, ordered all parts directly from Ford (oem) including rear brakes, $750 not a bad deal even with the pita time getting the hardware kit.

[]Don Norton

After working out some bugs with the WMI leaking at the flow sensor I finally got it buttoned up, currently the car is making 375HP and 402 torque solid at pretty much all weather conditions (so under high heat and humidity etc, its still holding.) Some people do not realize how well these cars handle themselves even with the stock turbo, with a little tuning and some bolt ons you can gets some solid performance. It hits a lot of torque early which helps get it moving out of the gate, at around 295/300HP its already making 400TQ and thats at around 3350RPMs. If it wasn't for the fact I am running 275s I think it would all over the place, but the wider rubber is holding it down well.

The new Vertical links and the billet toe links are keeping wheel hop down as well, more than just stock.

For the rest of this year I am just going to do some minor cosmetics I may delete my mohawk stripes to ensure paint fade is even, and work on getting my sub/amp installed but for the moment car is running strait forward. Pretty good for a car that has been through the ringer on power with the big turbo, then methanol, then back to stock and its my daily driver. I am now at 51,000 miles still no mechanical issues. Very solid.

[]Maggie Johnson

Sick 🙌🏼

[]Don Norton

Random vibration issue has been corrected it was a bad wheel hub/bearing on the drivers side. Adding a couple of new items this month, new 3" down pipe to connect to the old MAP catback setup I have this will help build more power when retuned with the stock head unit. Adding whiteline end links to the front sway bar to help reduce preload on the steeda bar, and adding Boomba Racing Verticle links to the rear setup to help with wheel hop.

[]Don Norton

I have developed my new mod map for this spring (As long as I am keeping the Banana that is, I have a lingering vibration issue that I am trying to iron out and have not been able to find the root cause yet, if I cannot find it at the shop in a couple of weeks I may be moving over to the new 18s.)

However at the moment here are the current plans.

Upgrading the stock turbo unit to either the Vargas twin scroll drop in unit, or the Turbonetics dual bb twin scroll drop in. It will replace the factory unit (nearly look stock except the name on it) and will support the same output as my old 5862 Precision unit did but with 700RPM lower max boost (so around stock lag or non lag as it is 3300RPM against my PTEs 4K) Will get another MAP 3" downpipe to mate up to the MAP cat back currently on the car.

Then I will be working on procuring a Tune+ crate engine, a stage 2(b) long block. This will be a build crate engine (non-sleeved). It will have ported heads, pinned crank, balance shaft delete, Arp studs, heavy duty valves/springs etc., stage two cams for higher lift and duration, and the other essentials, forged pistons, coated skirts, i-beam rods etc. Once I get the engine sorted I will upgrade the fuel system as this is the poor spot on the stock 2.3L and map sensor etc.

My goals going forward is to get stock like spooling, but into the 450-500+ WHP range with some reliability.

If in the event I am unable to fix this drive vibration I have (I have a sneaking suspicion its the left drivers rear axle from a previous curbing incident (Thanks little woman =) ) I will scrap the March mod madness I have planned and put the money towards the newer 2018 EBM with the 10sp auto, 12inch digital cluster, in a vert. Second plan would be a used 16+ GT vert if I can find one.

Third option is a 17 V6 Vert Auto that I can supercharge and keep the 3.7L legacy alive since its canceled, which is too bad, its a nice platform. =)

[]Don Norton

I have returned the car to stock turbo wise, this was due to an upcoming turbo upgrade from Turbonetics I am waiting on, since its a drop in dual ball bearing twin scroll unit, I wanted to get a head of it and have the car ready to drop it in. It is a direct replacement all stock components will bolt up in stock location and give the same power but at a lower stock like spool RPM. Also keeps it a little stealthy.

As a follow up Aaron Spencer, the next Cars and coffee for Herb Chambers will be my actual next event to check out, I tend to hit all of those, well for coffee =) and the cars of course. I believe its at BMW of Sudbury I think Sunday May 7th.

[]Aaron Spencer

What events do you plan on going to this year? I'm in Haverhill, MA and I really hope I can see this thing at some point.

[]Don Norton

I usually hit most of the cars and coffee (Herb Chambers) and the Bass Pro Shops cruise at Patriots place on Thursdays when the season starts, usually in April till Oct. I like the cars and coffee scene as its early Sat mornings.

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