258 HP
271 LB-FT
Curb Weight
2800 LB
Front Wheel Drive
Engine Size
2 L
Transmission Type
MPG (City/Highway)
26 MPG

While the Mx-6 is not a popular platform and has receded into the lesser known jdm platforms, it usually falls under the heading “I used to own one and loved it”. Because of that I’ve chosen to stick with it. I also have had a sordid past with the platform and only recently remember seeing one on a dealership lot as a teenager and falling in love with the timeless body style. The Mx-6 and Probe pulled a respective .89g in skid testing only .04g shy of the F335 Ferrari. This makes it a great handling car, especially for a front wheel drive car. The lack of aftermarket following made it a respective flop compared to other cars of the era. Not to mention talks of the Probe being poised to replace the Mustang (Thankfully this never happened!). When I originally bought this MX-6 it was meant to be a car to learn on, as such my history with it proves this with many learning opportunities over the years. When I bought this I had changed an alternator, a valve cover gasket and replaced a battery. Growing up I grew up around Harleys and American v8s. My dad always had something he was working on outside of being a mechanic full-time. Being raised primarily by my mother I always wanted to get in touch with my dad in some way. He was an alcoholic and frequently was distant or never there. I too followed that path for a number of years losing touch with family and reality as my own issues grew. After getting sober and making some dramatic life changes I was asked to take care of my grandma and step in for my dad. I did my best at the viewing it as a blessing. When my grandma got very sick my dad offered to step in. I gladly accepted, but learned later that he had his own agenda and we fought for about 8 months, when I got a call he died on his motorcycle. I was then given the opportunity to take care of my grandma and clean up some wreckage caused by my dad and his girlfriend. I lost my dad and grandma within 6 months of each other. I don’t tell this story to have pity taken on me but to reinforce my dedication to the car and this process. It was around that time that I got fully involved in building my MX-6. This was a means for me of getting in touch with my dad’s memory and as a therapy to deal with the things that had happened. Over the last four years I have put myself through the paces. I blew my first engine up in 6 miles after taking nearly a year to source the parts needed to turbo the car. I took the car out and got on it un-tuned and with many other problems. Then I decided that a stock motor was never going to last and went with a forged motor. This motor has had limited mileage on it but continues to gain power and I have taken nothing but time working out the bugs. In 2009 or so the original motor was dyno’d at 103whp and 114tq. Two summers ago it was dyno’d at 196whp and 202tq on 7.8psi on a street tuned fuel map that needed more refining and 10*timing in boost. The motor went down after I pulled the head looking for a compression loss between cylinders 2 and 3. I discovered a piece of metal that had gotten into the engine and was compressed to the head. I finally sourced the head that is on the car today and made a few changes to the car mechanically and electronically. Last spring and summer I finished upgrading the transmission. Last fall I upgraded the injectors and I slowly put some more break-in miles on it. The last run I had a virtual dyno done and at 10.5psi the car pulled 258whp and 271tq at 14* timing in boost. Then a grounding strap broke off a spark plug and took out a valve. The head has been refreshed, and the car is ready to be bolted back together. After gaining spon- sorship through AWR Racing and DIY Autotune I have installed a MS3Pro Evo ecu, and then gained Sponsorship through Fuel Injector Clinic. I am taking this as an opportunity to clean up the wiring and clean up the engine bay more, and getting many of the pipes cerakoted to clean up the engine bay. That brings us to today. The head has been replaced and my tuner and I have made the decision to go full sequential and upgrade to MS3PRO Evo. This will help with future expansion (Launch control, Traction Control, Meth Injection, and so forth) and allow us to dial in the settings better. I plan to drive this car as much as possible and enjoy it. I plan to participate in a few events and meets over the summer.

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