169 HP
159 LB-FT
Curb Weight
2880 LB
Engine Size
2.5l L
Transmission Type
Getrag 260 5 spd.
Top Speed
Standing Quarter Mile
- Seconds
Zero to Sixty
- Seconds
MPG (City/Highway)
like 19 or something MPG

My car is a 1990 BMW 325iC in Gletscherblau Metallic with Indigo leather interior with sport seats. Any questions just ask, I add everything I buy to WheelWell just so I can keep track of it. Some things that are on the list are things that a P/O installed and I had to try my best to guess what they were. I am the fifth owner of this 1990 BMW 325ic. It originally started off it's stateside life in New Jersey, but the first owner sold it less than a year after buying it. The second owner brought it with him to MN. I believe the second owner kept it relatively stock and dealer serviced it, but the third owner kind of neglected the car. Under his ownership, the seats were torn, It was repainted at a Maaco (same color), an 'is' valence was installed, and he threw out the original 'is' Hella foglights! There's no doubt in my mind that it saw winters. Long story short, the car wound up repossessed and a kid bought it through his dad's car dealership at an auction. There were tons of things wrong with it, and I bought it off of him in July of 2016. I immediately had it in the shop and had the entire head of the engine rebuilt. It's running strong now and although it has some issues here and there, it's one great car to have. Update 3/3/2018: I've recently acquired euro bumpers and a euro valence for the car and plan on putting them on in the spring. I also have an M54 that I think I might try to squeeze in eventually, but first I need to find the time to rebuild it. I'm slowly trying to work the car back into a nicer shape and am currently looking for a cheap coupe/sedan trunk lid with no holes drilled in it so if anyone sees this and has a spare, PM me please.

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