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Everybody enjoy their weekend👍😉 #carporn

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Just went to buy a pizza

Hey hey everybody I'm Dr. Dre..( Simpsons reference) . I was shopping this afternoon at my local Wa

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Movin right along.. Hey y'all been working on a rebuild transformation project on my Chrysler Enter

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So this is what I've been up to. Just a little bit of everything new #headunit #newsteeringwheel ne

[]Robert Sixto

Oh boy, that's going to be a transformation ahead!

[]Dre Freeza

Yeah Thx!! I hope so.. if it comes out looking at least half as good as it looks in my head.. Then I will be happy

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It Has Begun !! ( Mortal Kombat voice) 🤔 What did I get myself into #NewFlares #NewRims and it loo

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Yes !! Yes!! Yes!! wide flares just came in 4 inches in the front 5 inches in the back #FIBERGLASS

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Finally my Z is back at home 😊😅😄

[]Robby Dilley

Yay Z

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Just finished up with ascent pieces... can't figure out what color to match😂

[]Ernie Szots

From the pic, looks great.

[]Dre Freeza

Yeah I really like it but now I can't figure out what accent color to match with this it's driving me nuts

[]Dre Freeza

Appreciate it spend a lot of time on it

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Just ordered a Widebody Flares from fiberglassmafia.com ..while waiting suddenly getting cold feet

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 did you guys get to see all the cool stuff that showed up at SEMA this year!! #sema 

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New seats

Looking for a pair of new seats don't know which is a good seat at a decent price!! 

[]Peter J Nielsen

There are some deeply discounted seats available right here: shop.wheelwell.com/collections/interior

[]Dre Freeza

I clicked on the link it didn't work


Looks like you found a bug in the Android app - it wont open links from comments...we'll get it fixed. In the mean time you can go to the Shop in the main menu and check out the seats in the Interior section 👍🏼

[]Marshall Owens

It really depends on what you're looking for in a seat. Like daily vs race car duty. Take a look at some companies Sparco, Corbeau, Braum, and Cipher. Cipher offers a cheaper seat, but I hear the quality is not terrible, but not the greatest. Braum seats are pretty reasonable too, and they look great.

[]Dre Freeza

that sounds awesome I'll be sure to look up those companies

[]Sammie Robertson

I'm hopefully getting some Sparcos in 2018. I feel like they're a good middle ground price for a great track seat.

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Decisions Decisions

Should I get a bigger Screen  #mopar #low_life #Chrysler 

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First Post

Eyes Never Lie 💯 #mopar #Demeyes #Pride