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        This car is a obnoxious teenaged boy's wet dream. It's loud, rear wheel drive, and if you find a six cylinder the gas mileage isn't terrible. A third gen Firebird had something not every car has, personality. Driving one of these cars will put a smile on your face whether you're going sideways around turn or racing some asshole at a red light a third gen Firebird will have you grinning from ear to ear. Now back to mine, it's a 88 with a 2.8 witch isn't very impressive but it's been rather reliable and it's more fuel efficient than the big v8 and when your in college and broke most of the time fuel efficient is what you want. I am 4 weeks into a full restoration. As you can see it's wasn't in the greatest shape the clear coat is gone on almost 50 percent of the car, its been in an accident, and I put a couple dents in it myself.

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