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Driven To Drive 696 days ago

I give my review of the Anarchy Motive weighted shift knob. Enjoy!

Driven To Drive 702 days ago

I cruise and discuss my experience with having my Mustang in college, listing the benefits and drawbacks of owning a car as a freshman. Enjoy!

Driven To Drive 709 days ago

Here's a compilation of some stock exhaust clips I recorded! The first clip is a cold start, followed by sub-4000 rpm revs. The final rev clip is at about 6000 rpms. I really want this video to keep for a comparison when I get my new exhaust installed. I also apologize for the lack of recent videos! I've been very busy, but I still intend to make more videos when I have time. Thanks for watching! (Note: Car

Driven To Drive 772 days ago

I bought some new wheels and tires, and here is a walk around and my impressions! The wheels are TSW Ascents, and the tires are Nitto Invo's, It's a staggered set up with 245's in the front and 275's in the rear. Thanks for watching! Subscribe! I'll be posting my new mods onto my wheel well first, so follow me there! Wheel Well:

Driven To Drive 776 days ago

Here's a video on some basic rules for washing your car! This is how I usually wash my car, and this video is intended for newbies lol! There are a lot of guides out there, but they can be a bit lengthy. With these basics established, you can move on to incorporate more techniques for washing your car. Like the video and subscribe for more content! Wheel Well:

Driven To Drive 784 days ago

Here are my reasons for why you should drive a car with a manual transmission! LIke this video and subscribe for more content! Wheel Well:

Driven To Drive 788 days ago

Here are 8 things that I love about my mustang! Subscribe for more content! Wheel Well:

Driven To Drive 791 days ago

Some clips from a track day I spectated. Enjoy! Subscribe for more content! Wheel Well: Instagram: driv3n_to_dr1ve

Driven To Drive 791 days ago

A day in the life of My first day back after working for 9 weeks! Instagram: driv3n_to_dr1ve Wheel Well:

Driven To Drive 841 days ago

I've had this new filter for a few months now, and here are my thoughts!

Driven To Drive 843 days ago

I review the "Tag Your Tires" tire lettering kit after 2 weeks of driving.

Driven To Drive 860 days ago

I bought some Eibach lowering springs for my car. Here's the unboxing.

Driven To Drive 878 days ago

A mountain road drive I went on!

Driven To Drive 884 days ago

After owning the 2016 mustang v6 for 5 moths and 1,400 miles, here are some things that "grind my gears". I hope you enjoy!

Driven To Drive 885 days ago

I go over my plans for cosmetic mods! Thanks for watching!

Driven To Drive 897 days ago

A short video of a fun drive I went on! (No crowds were harmed in the making of this video).

Driven To Drive 906 days ago

I install an AEM air filter on my mustang. This isn't a very serious mod, but just something to get warmed up with. Subscribe for more mod videos!

Driven To Drive 938 days ago

In this video I review the interior and gives brief exterior review of my 2016 Mustang v6. Stay tuned for more videos and mod updates!

Driven To Drive 947 days ago

A quick one-take of my plans for future content. The shift knob video is coming out soon! SORRY FOR CRUDDY QUALITY! Mobile isn't allowing HD uploads... I'll see what I can do for the next video. I'll also start working on making videos more concise and semi scripted for clarity.

Driven To Drive 948 days ago

This is my review of the 2016 mustang v6 after 1,000 miles! It's my first car review, so feel free to leave critique in the comments. Subscribe for updates and future mods on the mustang! EDIT- One thing I didn't mention in the video is that the car is a six speed manual.

Driven To Drive 971 days ago

A video of me doing a low rev with the engine vacuum gauge on display. I didn't rev it too high because neighbors.

Driven To Drive 983 days ago

I'm not at all a professional or aspiring filmmaker, but I just threw this video together for fun. It's a "showcase" video of my mustang, and definitely a rough draft. I was limited by what I had on the mobile version of iMovie, and there is more that I would've done in terms of editing and music. I'm going to make more of these videos in the future, along with updates on my car.

Driven To Drive 1008 days ago

Stock exhaust system, warm start.

Driven To Drive 1008 days ago

Sort of a lame video, but here. I was just driving up a parking garage, doing small accelerations.

Driven To Drive 1066 days ago

I'm not 100% sure if it was a WRX or STI, but it was loud. Braaap.

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