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homepage tile photo for 9th Annual C30s Conquer the Dragon was a success!
9th Annual C30s Conquer the Dragon was a success!

Had a blast (as usual) with old friends and new in the Smokey mountains this past weekend at the 9t

[]Ernie Szots

Super cool.

[]Dustin Wright

Thank you! We had a blast. I’ll post some action shots from on the dragon once I buy them from killboy and us129photos.

homepage tile photo for New tint
New tint

Got new window tint installed today at the local Tint World here in Tuscaloosa, AL. I decided to go

homepage tile photo for Simple Green works!
Simple Green works!

Had a few moments of free time today and decided to clean up the ol engine bay. I honestly think th

[]Jeff Potts

Simple Green works good but I use cheap tire foam then wipe it off with a small towel.The silicone oil in it keeps rubber from being dry and wiping it takes the "greasy" shine but leaves everything dark.

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Finally got the IPD Vacuum Boost Gauge installed on my C30. It wasn’t too difficult but it did take

[]Robert Sixto

Nicely done! Mechanical boost gauges are fairly easy to install, hardest part is always finding ways to route the line and mount the gauge in a way that looks clean, cohesive and functional. Any plans to fan a surround plate/panel on the gauge in that opening?

[]Dustin Wright

Thanks Robert! You got that right regarding the hardest part of a gauge install. Thankfully the P1 Volvo’s have a convinient rubber gommet where the wire harness comes into the cabin from the firewall. At this time I don’t have any plans to fabricate a panel to place around the gauge. To me, this set up looks clean enough and I like that the air still comes out around the gauge, so that the vent is still functional.

[]Robert Sixto

hey, thats a good point, I hadn't considered the airflow still working. I do love that gauge face, font looks like it's just OE Volvo.

[]Dustin Wright

Thank you, sir! That’s precisely why I got it. The gauge is made exclusively for IPD, a Volvo aftermarket specialty shop.

[]Robert Sixto

I don't know too much about Volvo's, but I could tell it might be something like that. That kind of thing is my favorite when it comes to mods, very harmonious with the whole package! 👌

[]Dustin Wright

Thank you, thank you!

homepage tile photo for undefined

Did some work to make my new iPd boost gauge fit in the left side AC vent of the C30. I am VERY ple