134 HP
127 LB-FT
Curb Weight
2602 LB
Engine Size
1.8 L
Transmission Type
5 Speed Manual
Top Speed
122 MPH
Standing Quarter Mile
17.2 Seconds
Zero to Sixty
9.3 Seconds
MPG (City/Highway)
19 / 25 MPG

I found this car as a listing on good ol Craigslist. I was searching for a first car, and I really wanted an 02 WRX. Unfortunately I couldn't find a decent stock one that wasn't asking for over 8k, so I started exploring other options. I almost bought a Forester XT, but that fell through. After getting a little frustrated, I stopped browsing the listings everyday, and just decided to check every once in a while. I had done research on some E30s, so I knew a little bit about the cars, and kept the option in mind. Come Sunday, two days after my disappointing experience with not finding a nice first car. I had no intention of browsing the classifieds, but I opened up a CL app for fun, and I saw this car in my price range. It was a hell of a lot cleaner than most E30s that popped up, so I decided to give the seller a call. Next day I test drove the car, decided I would buy, and went through with the deal.  I haven't made any serious mods to the car, just the essentials like better brakes and rotors, a long with an oil change. The PO did do an electric fan conversion that does work pretty well, and it hasn't let the engine overheat, so it's a plus. For now, I'm just looking to make any repairs that the car needs, and make it a reliable DD. I do plan on eventually doing a full engine rebuild and cleaning since it has over 200k on the motor, as well as refreshing the cooling system and things of the sort. As of writing this description, the engine has a horrid oil leak at the rear crank seal, and the clutch and flywheel are dying. Fortunately, I can fix those two things at once, and I'm just waiting on a few parts to arrive.  For mods though, I'm planning on the following: Poly suspension Bushings H&R Sport Springs Bilstein B8s 15x7 wheels Continental Extreme Contact Sport E46 Steering Rack Bigger Swaybars HID Conversion MarkD, JC, or Dinan chip CoP Conversion Lighter Flywheel ITBs I don't know if redoing the interior is considered a mod, but that is definitely on my to do list. I'll probably take priority on the suspension mods than the engine mods since this car is so fun to drive down a canyon. That is the game plan. Thanks for reading!

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